Best online dating sites for wisconsin

There are some easy things people can do so they don't become a victim if they're dating online.The FBI recommends people ask specific questions about a person's dating profile.If it's fake they might stumble over the details or not remember something.Also, do a reverse image look up to see if someone is using photos from the web, and Google their name."I also think I would rather meet someone in person if I'm going to meet them." RELATED: 'Tears and chocolate' help Sheboyganites get over being dumped RELATED: We asked Sheboyganites about dates (again) The high school student says that dating online is all about an individual's priorities, and while she doesn't have a desire to use technology to find love, she understands why some others might.

The FBI tells us internet crime is big business in Wisconsin, and victims have handed over a lot of money to these thieves. There are no shortage of apps or online dating sites to help people find love but mixed in with all those potential singles are predators, tricking you into falling for someone who doesn't exist.

Another high school student, Annika Baur, says the prevalence of dating sites is not doing great things for the dating scene.

"I don’t like the idea that they're (people using dating apps and sites) not trying so hard.

I feel like it's an easy way out," said the 17-year-old.

She said she still thinks people can find love without technology. "I just haven't lost faith in the idea that I can find someone without using social media or an app," she said of why she hasn't used any apps and doesn't plan to.

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