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Here’s what else I learned about one of Minnesota’s most beloved TV personalities. “My high school physics teacher thought I was almost as smart as my older brother.” She laughs and then goes on to tell about how she once interviewed Paul Douglas, who was a KARE 11 meteorologist at the time, for a 10th-grade term paper.

Jensen caught the weather bug, and her physics teacher suggested she study atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At the time, Douglas was the only local meteorologist doing the weather outdoors, and only he was permitted to be on camera in KARE 11’s backyard.

So, Jensen was instructed to present the weather in front of a small green screen inside the studio.

These endeavors are just the latest in a string of professional projects for Jensen, who is a part of a variety of programming at KARE 11. I’ve also never worn nice shoes in the backyard studio because before the renovation, there was often standing water just outside the door.”Number of coats for presenting the weather from the backyard? I’m thinking of someday auctioning them for charity.

She says, “Weather is always interesting, but it’s all the other things I get to do that help to keep my job interesting.” Belinda chats with students at Countryside Elementary in their brand new garden. I also like hats because I don’t like doing my hair.”Dream vacation?

“We are blessed to have a tradition of an annual family trip to Maui.

But I dream of taking the kids skiing in Europe or scuba diving in Australia.”Favorite household chore?

I’m used to being outdoors alone with a remotely controlled camera and the backyard critters.”Best part of the backyard makeover?

In December 1990, she was having fun working behind the scenes at the TV station in Utah when a newly hired morning show co-host abruptly left and Jensen was grabbed from the back and plunked in front of the camera.

Three years later, Douglas would call and encourage Jensen to apply for an open position at KARE as a weekend meteorologist.

I sat down with her on the set after she gave me a quick tour of the acclaimed “backyard” in the process of getting its first makeover in 30 years.

Jensen has been chief meteorologist at KARE 11 for 8 years.

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