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The outfit she wears helps to dictate the role she plays, but accessories sold with dolls have always narrowed optimal creativity.

The best accessory is player imagination, because dolls can only be teachers, babysitters, and infants so many times before it gets boring.

Even if players did not have a printer, Barbie would wear their custom designs in a 3D fashion show animation.

The virtual fashion show was far superior to dressing physical Barbie in the printed garments, which were flimsy and impractical outside of the game.

Dress up and makeover your doll, help her with makeup, fashion her hair, cook with her and have fun with your princess.

1: A Brief History of the Dress-Up Game The dress-up genre is characterized by unbelievable shittiness.

But, despite the hundreds of subpar flash games giving the genre a bad name, the dress-up game is experiencing a revolution, and it is, in fact, browser-based.

Stand alone dress-up games operate under the assumption that their audience has a one-track mind.

The limiting aspects of dress-up tools survived the digital shift.

Dress-up in the digital age produced a niche subset of games where player imagination is constrained even further.

blurred the lines of virtual and physical dolls by allowing players to print their clothing creations, enabled by special fabric sheets included with the game.

To dress Barbie in the printed clothes, you had to cut and tape the templates together, much like traditional paper dolls.

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