Audrey and dating

In the last episode, Audrey and Nathan both reveal their secrets, Audrey's being that she is Lucy and Nathan's that he can feel her touch. Audrey uses touch to comfort Nathan in Fear & Loathing when he gives up his chance to feel again.Over time, Nathan begins to care more about Audrey but is still unsure.Audrey was saved by Nathan when her car skidded from the road.They soon begin working together and become colleagues when Audrey stays to work as a Haven Police Officer. He even saves her when Audrey gets trapped by her blanket in a Barfmellow.

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After Duke realizes what the Hunter is, Audrey doesn't want to worry Nathan, so keeps the truth from him.When Nathan does return to the current timeline, she reveals that the Colorado Kid is her son.In Burned, Audrey and Nathan learn that the Guard was planning to use Ginger Davers to control Nathan so in case Audrey didn't go into the Barn, they could control Nathan, and through him, Audrey.Audrey is very touched by his actions, tells him that he's more than a partner to her as well, and kisses him.In the next episode (Sins of the Fathers) Nathan suggests that they "should have dinner".

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