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In the authorization pipeline, we need to validate the user context against all authorized AD groups.This means, if the user in context is in at least one of the AD groups, it should be enough to authorize and give access to the resource. NET Core 2.2 with windows authentication in witch, there is a In conclusion, with Requirement and Handler, we have a lot of flexibility of how we want to authorize our application resources.When the Submit Button is clicked, if the count of the selected (checked) Check Boxes is 0 then the error message is displayed and the Form submission is cancelled.When the Submit Button is clicked, first the validation for at-least one Check Box is checked (selected) is performed and if the validation is successful, the Form gets submitted and the Model object is sent to the Controller.

You can check the full example at github:

Now in the load event of a page that instantiate more than one instance of a user control with validator I can write.

: Hidden Fields are used for storing the Text and Value of the Check Box for sending it back during Form Submission.

Out of the box data validation features are completely inadequate as pointed out by Ian Griffiths in this article. NET controls to define validation rules, so these rules end up in the HTML markup of your pages. In our opinion, validation is not applicable only to the presentation layer so there is no reason to tie it to any particular technology. NET Validation Framework is designed in a way that enables data validation in different application layers using the same validation rules.

One of the major problems we saw in most validation frameworks available today, both open source and commercial, is that they are tied to a specific presentation technology. The goals of the validation framework are the following: Decoupling validation from presentation was the major goal that significantly influenced design of the validation framework.

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