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Never had any problems with the service, you just have to make peace with the fact that if you want premium, you have to pay premium. COM As obvious i never registered on any of the previous sites, all are from the same group of and shared my email with this sites to spam me fake girls emails trying to make me register in these sites. I was enticed with a FREE LIVE CHAT which I clicked on. IF a "girl" answers, they stall & ask silly questions like, "are you real" & "can you prove me you real"?

Recently registered on this crap site and i got 2 messages from chinese girls with a cool HD photo, writing me a copy paste text.. If YOU question them doubting you, they call you rude or try to get you to argue so you will stay longer & waste more credits.

Please let us know your feedback regarding this via email [email protected] I have checked out a couple of Asian sites and I must say that no other site comes close.The only issue I might have is the price for their different services.So just before I ended my Asiandate subscription I met a person with whom it seemed the stars were aligning up for us both. Best place to meet Asian women, at least for someone who lives far away from them, at least at this moment.So I subscibed for one more month and everything between myself and this truly amazing person clicked into place. Planning a trip soon, so I'll try to arrange a meeting with the woman I've been talking to, but I'm satisfied so far Just started using Asian Date and I must say, I am completely blown away by how easy this site is to start talking to these Beautiful Ladies.

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