Advice dating non catholic

Attempting to convert one’s spouse can be interpreted as hostile and could lead to discord in the marriage.

I would love to hear how you and your partner are making it work for additional ideas.He doesn't say anything against the Church in front of our daughter and sometimes we actually have good discussions about theology. I discuss how it is important to me, he respects that, and if he decides to join me at mass, I would be more than grateful to bring him. Though I was born Catholic and had once been devout, my fire had burned down to embers long before she came around.We work because we both have mutual respect for each other and each other's beliefs. My faith was already returning when I met her, but she really helped me reignite the flame of my faith.My parents made it work by rotating services every other week.My partner was raised RCLS and abandoned that once he went to college for obvious reasons. I have gone with him to a service and was extremely uncomfortable at first but enjoyed the message and would attend with him again.

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