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Arguably the most important element of all porn forums is just how populated it is with users and posts.

I could go ahead and create a new smut board online where people can share their favorite midget porn content, but if there isn’t a single post there, the place sucks!

Look buddy – I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m the undisputed champion of finding the best sites on the Internet – I’m just the undisputed champion of finding the best PORN sites on the Internet!

I keep getting asked by people in emails and on comments to explain how I come up with these recommendations and I think it’s about time I did a little talk about the porn forum category, since it’s a little unique compared to the other places that we might take a look at.

I have a document on my computer where I list over 50 different things to consider in general and then a specific look at forums: I like to think that out of all the places that review sex forums online, I’ve got the best formula.

Like a good fast food franchise I don’t want to reveal my secret sauce but I will go ahead and mention a few of the key things I look for below.

Most of the time, 90% of the posts are made by just 1% of the user base: lots of these are actually done by bots that promote affiliate links, but that’s a discussion for another time.

There’s actually little discussion at these hubs and the main focus is on the adult smut and nothing else.

There are literally thousands of bulletin boards that devote themselves to adult entertainment and honestly, writing these reviews of the top porn forums took me hours, if not days!

I visited so many different sites and to be honest with you, I’m happy that my list here is a complete collection of where you ought to be going if you want a forum-style approach to porn consumption.

These places often don’t have X-rated content for you to jerk off to, but they’re interesting and will help you uncover some pretty unique places to go online for fap material.

Communities here are a lot wider and lots of users have lots of posts: it’s not quite as concentrated as the content sharing places and the main aim of these sex forums is to talk about content as opposed to sharing it.

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