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It’s funny to see traffic during rush hour on your screen.Because the entire city is just one big slow-moving parking lot.I don’t blame them either because the infrastructure is either non-existent or on the verge of breaking down.With not enough roads and too many cars, the end result is a city with one of the worst traffic in the world. Also, to no surprise the pollution is out of control turning the city into a cloud of smoke.Now no city is perfect and it has its own unique flaws.The most important flaw to point out is my personal favorite (not), traffic!One time I blew my nose into a tissue and the snot came out black. The traffic is so bad that it will dictate your daily way of life.

I’m here to tell you that Manila is a unique city and it’s a place that every guy who wants to have fun (especially with girls) should visit at least once.

The women in Manila are bountiful and represent a single man dream.

Welcome to Manila, the capital of the Philippines and the largest city in the country.

But the gods were kind to me and I ended up figuring out the best days and times to be on the road.

I am pleased to introduce to you my traffic schedule!

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